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Pirschjager by fulltimegilly Pirschjager by fulltimegilly
The Pirschjäger - "Stalker" is a type 3 Neuro synthetic operator system and is the latest development in the highly acclaimed and specialised Jager series.

The Type 2 muscle lattice suit is designed to assist the pilot in moving silently and being undetected, with it's smart adapt camp it is almost invisible to the naked eye and its advanced heat shrinking vents and masking plate means that it is virtually undetectable to all but the most sophisticated sensors.

Often operating in two or thee man teams the stalkers are often deployed to eliminate HVT (Hight value targets) and acquire and capture tier one assets and intelligence. They make perfect scouts, snipers and rangers and are well suited to all of these tasks.

Jagers are given operational discretion which means they are able to use and do whatever they need to do to get the job done, this has resulted on chases that have lasted decades and spanned worlds, many a life have come to the quick end at the edge of a Pirschjager's vibro-edge.

Standard Armament for the Stalker I.R.S (Invasive Recon System)

Having all the functionality of the original Jager series including tactical data stream, Mobile OS and a full compliment modular HUD the Stalker is also tuned to stalk and hunt, the functionality mod sets mean that an entirely new level of computing power is added to the stalkers hardware.

These high tech I.R.S users can detect the heartbeat of their target within the mile and are able to hard target specific individuals and get live arial and scout data at all times. Moving with all of the stealth and speed of the worlds greatest predators, the Stalker is unmatched.

Muscle lattice, back springs heat sinks and M.R.A.S Field displacement and an advanced hacking suite makes these suits the first word in infiltration and target elimination in the field or at home, more than one corrupt politician has lost out to the wroth of a vengeful stalker.
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